Barbin Builders was founded in 1997 by Anthony and Dorene Barbin. What sets Barbin Builders apart from other home builders is their unique approach to home construction. They approach each project as if they were building a new home for themselves. Anthony and Dorene are on the job site daily checking each detail of the work progress. It is not unusual for them to add their own touch to achieve the high standards they have set for each project. Barbin Builders is a member of the Northshore Home Builders Association and the Louisiana Home Builders Association. The company is fully insured and carries Workman’s Compensation and General Liability Insurance.

All Barbin built homes are stick-built on the site, so you don’t have to worry about pre-fab type construction. You can supply your own house plans or we will help you design a functional floor plan. Each home comes with a warranty under the Louisiana New Home Warranty Act. The New Home Warranty Act in Louisiana is a standard warranty that extends to all homeowners who solicit the construction of a new home. The act provides coverage to homeowners who hire builders, and acts as a warranty extended to the homeowner that is guaranteed by the builder. One feature of the warranty is that coverage also extends to any buyer who purchases the house from the original buyer while the warranty period is still active, so coverage can be transferred to other buyers. This is a great selling feature in the event you need to sell your new home while the warranty is still in effect.